6 video games that help improve problem-solving skills

6 video games that help improve problem-solving skills

 6 video games that help improve problem-solving skills
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Reputable alternative reality game developer Jane McGonigal, who has a doctorate in human qualities in educational sciences, says that these six popular computer games help improve cognitive skills and problem-solving skills.

Some research suggests that games such as "Call of Duty" may improve cognitive function far better than the specially build games, writes Businessinsider.

J.McGonigal his book "Super Better" argues that popular current games are complex, they are difficult to master, so playing in need oodles of different abilities.

Wanting to have a good time playing games together and stimulate the mind, J.McGonigal advise to play one of the six games three times a week for 20 minutes.

According to her, the first-person shooter "Call of Duty" can help improve attention skills and orientation in space, and this leads to better results in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Racing game Forza can help you learn how to quickly make accurate decisions under pressure.

The popular "Grand Theft Auto", according to J.McGonigal, will process information faster and remember more stressful situations. Some research shows that these skills are playing computer games three times better developed than not playing.

Strategy games like "Starcraft", helps to improve imagination and faster to solve real-life problems for teaching players to develop and implement strategic plans.

Games that require strategic thinking, as a sci-fi third person shooter Mass Effect allows to improve the collection of information and skills.

Finally, thinking games, "according to J.McGonigal as" Final Fantasy "will quickly and accurately assess the current situation and the possibilities of life.