4 types of humor - how do you joke and what does it say about your personality?

4 types of humor - how do you joke and what does it say about your personality?

4 types of humor - how do you joke and what does it say about your personality?
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People love to laugh and laugh. We often try to say a joke, but different people joke differently. What does this tell about their personality traits? Psychologist Rhodes Martin distinguishes four different types of humor and says that you can really attribute yourself to at least one of them.

People love to joke and laugh. This is one way we support social relationships. However, the way we try to laugh at others is a lot about our personality. Rhodes Martin distinguishes four types of humor:

Social, friendly humor - Try to joke so that you can improve relationships with others, encourage them to love you.

Self-exalting humor - you are laughing, grizzly, comparing yourself to others - you do not necessarily think you're all better, but you're kidding it.

Aggressive humor - you're gutting, shaming others.

Self-humorous humor-selfish yourself or your own qualities.

Martin admits that people usually joking in a variety of ways and have all the features of these types of humor. However, the psychologist believes that one really dominates and people most often perceive this after reading this short list. Those who still do not know what humor most are, can solve a simple test.

Those people who usually joking with friends or exalt themselves are usually extraterrestrials. They are easy to communicate with others, they easily find new friends, fit into different circles of people. Communication and humor do not require any effort from them - everything is very easy.

Meanwhile, self-humorous humor is often associated with the need for attention. People often use such jokes in order to receive support from others, praise. This humor is also associated with neurotic tendencies - people who promote it often feel jealous, lonely, scared, anxious. On the other hand, they often learn to read social situations perfectly and joke at the right time, so they can manipulate others' opinions about themselves - sometimes it's a very useful skill.

Aggressive humor is often associated with low self-esteem and consciously perceived personal deficiencies. It is used after injuries and as a kind of social defense mechanism. On the other hand, they are often characterized by smarter people who simply guard against unwanted social relationships.

Martin emphasizes that all types of humor are in their own right - even aggressive humor has its place. People who are often aggressive humor are becoming friends of their own, often laughing one another. The sense of humor in general is one of the most attractive features of a person, and it is also necessary for the establishment of romantic relationships.