Farewell to Audi TT - Do you just need a stylish car? And who needs TT four doors?

Farewell to Audi TT - Do you just need a stylish car? And who needs TT four doors?

Farewell to Audi TT - Do you just need a stylish car? And who needs TT four doors?
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Two-door coupe cars are simply exclusive. Yes, practicality suffers, but a tasteful coupe with a sporty engine is something special. It seems to indicate that you are above the practicality of being an esteemed person with a taste for cars. Well, in spite of all this, Audi TT is probably fast over four-wheel drive.

Okay, let's admit that TT probably never was the car, which would be the heart of all the enthusiasts. The first generation, which appeared in 1998, had a very rounded design - the car did not mention anything else, but it was a little blank. The second generation showed a much better quality, but no one thought about those cars either. But the current, third generation is different.

The recognizable modern Audi face, an impeccable quality saloon, a sporty suspension, and the RS version generally has very few drawbacks. This is an interesting choice for an interesting person. However, there are not so many such interesting people in these days. And TT suffers from it.

For some time now Audi TT sales have been steadily declining and do not go unnoticed. Why? And who will now say why, but Audi believes people are looking for more practical cars and the style is no longer as appreciated as before. However, Audi does not want to write off TT - the solution that will come to the end of 2014 at the Paris Motor Show will be useful.

The Audi TT Sportback will be longer and more practical

In the next couple of years Audi TT will replace the Audi TT Sportback four in four. Still with a silhouette coupe, I have such a sporty design. It is interesting that, as journalists have been shot, the four-player will not add to the TT's gains, and simply will change - the two-year-old will be gone. The car will be longer, there will be a little more space on the rear seat, although we probably will not name it in space. The luggage compartment will also increase significantly. Audi believes that this will eliminate the main drawback of TT, a lack of practicality. People looking for a stylish car may look twice on the TT side.

But will it be a good solution? On the one hand, the city's off-road is not so popular - people want practical cars. But on the other hand, the small sedan Audi already has - will TT not go on the A3 road?

And what conclusions can we make of that? Let's look at what cars Volkswagen and Audi refuse: Beetle, Scirocco and now TT coupe. All of them are relatively small, but in their own way, the mass of gray daily cars. But this is probably due to the fact that there are simply too many choices, and larger cars now offer everything they offer and lower - relatively low fuel consumption, comfort, stylish appearance, and sporty dynamic characteristics. One can only think that perhaps in the future, TT will become a classic car, and someone will stumble upon them on their fingertips - "Look what Audi has ever produced".