Found in ancient Mayan Batman: god-bat Kamazoco (Video)

Found in ancient Mayan Batman: god-bat Kamazoco (Video)

Found in ancient Mayan Batman: god-bat Kamazoco (Video)

Many modern things are indeed copies of old things, writes And there are no examples of this in history. But did you know that thousands of years ago, ancient houses worshiped a god depicted with a human body, but a bat head? This creature even had pointed ears and was called Kamazocz by ancient houses.

The description is very reminiscent of some of our times, right? Something seen in comics, movies, games? Batman.

Kamazocas or Kamazot - a little known creature of Mayan mythology. Of course, majas considered him a murderous god-bat. The description of Kamazoc is found at the Copán Museum in Honduras. Also in several Mayan Codes. Deity is described as the ruler of secrets, life and death. By the way, the direct translation of the deity name requires a "bat": "kame" means "death", and "sotz" - "bat".

Kamazoc cult originates 200 m. pr.m.e., and it started in Mexico, between the zapotecs of Oaksak - and eventually the god found the place quiche (alternative writing - kʼicheʼ) in the tribe that lived in the current jungle of Guatemala and Honduras. By the way, quiche quite quickly compared Kamazoc with his fire god Zotzilaha Chamalcan.

Of course, the image in the title photo is a contemporary interpretation of Kamazoc. It was designed by Christian Pacheco - 2014 The Warner Brothers Film Festival celebrated Batman's 75th anniversary and invited a variety of artists to create their own version of Batman.

Kamazoc himself is also mentioned in the Popol Vuh collection of Mayan mythology, which means "Community Book", "Council Book" or "People's Book". It is the almanac of pre-Spanish South American mythology, and the name Kamacozo is used here as a generic description of bat monsters that become part of the heroic twins Hunahpú and Ixbalanque, in the underground / post-Kibalba world.

It has also been recently discovered that horseshoe temples in Nahua were specifically dedicated to the worship of Kamacos. Their altars were made of pure gold and directed eastward.

It was believed that the bat god's power to heal any disease - but also to cut the divine thread that connects the body with the soul.