Thats the best night of sleep dust mites in the skin of our couch (Video)

Thats the best night of sleep dust mites in the skin of our couch (Video)

Thats the best night of sleep dust mites in the skin of our couch (Video)

Consumer mania include Americans every day on the TV screen can see the ads, claiming to be over eight years old mattress filled with kilograms of dead skin, millions of liters of sweat and dust mites. Of course, their main goal - to convince the audience as often as possible to change your bed mattress. But whether this advertising is not deceptive? Is it really over the years become one of the mattresses dirty jobs at home, on which lie not only embarrassing, but also scary to sit down?

It may be that not every word is true of advertising, but generally looking statements in this truth missing. Even if you do not have a bed to cuddle you - you sleep really is not one. Swivel your bed mattress is not your only temporary, but permanent skin splinters, sweat, sebaceous gland secretions, and hundreds of tiny creatures called dust mites, house. These mites are very small (much smaller than a millimeter in length) and difficult to see with the naked eye. And their size means that it falls freely through apertures in virtually any sheet and your whole life cycle spends mattress depths, writes
"Every mattress - probably some crime scene, assessing the amount of ticks. You just need to dust mites, the female starts to put her eggs there, and quite soon the mattress begins with action "- said the Ohio State University (USA), professor of entomology who worked Glen Needham.
Ticks feed on dead skin cells that naturally coming from our sleep. Mites mouth is like a chinese eating sticks - it does not open very wide, making it an ideal food for them are thin, but full of protein-skin flakes.

Necessary for the survival of moisture mites also receive from the person. True, the tick drink: their body adapts collapse moisture directly from the air. In other words, the man lying down on the bed is the perfect companion mite - he fed, watered and warmed.

While mattress manufacturers "Casper" (they can to ensure your product kindness that produces only one type of product) spokeswoman insisted that ticks more room for life to spring mattresses, but Mr Needham, basing its findings in 2002 published a scientific article claims that foam mattresses mites like better than spring.

"Most of pore foam is closed, so the mites in mattresses such very deep inferior, but for this they are probably better retain heat. The wells still falls skin chips, they are warmer, so I would say that the tick population to live better foam mattresses, "- he says. His experiment carried out shows that fond of mites breed polyester layer right after the pillowcase.

True, if you are not allergic to dust mites, the good news is that they are relatively harmless. Dust mites do not bite, do not parasitize and are not carrying diseases. The worst thing that can happen due to large dust mite colonies - is uncomfortable mattress smell. And even allergies (such tests carried out,, explained even one-third of all subjects) Dust mites are not always feels any symptoms.

However ticks stool proteins may actually cause allergic reactions, tearing, nasal flow, and in extreme cases - even asthma attacks.
Mattress manufacturers of skin mites often use in their advertising. And even non-existent spread false "statistics" that are much higher if the tick is sucked into the human brain: people often believe in the statement that each mattress weight during the eight years of human skin, sweat and ticks doubles. Moreover, they tell their friends.

But Mr Needham believes that the significant increase in the weight of the mattress from mites is hardly possible. "Mattress industry these statistics invented in order to scare people. I do not think anyone would have carried out some calculations. Of course, it attracts attention and mattress manufacturers will probably have estimated how much of the skin over time drops from human skin, and how these splinters are converted, "- said the scientist.

But if he really terrified that you lie down to rest at night after you crawls hundreds or even thousands of invisible arachnids, you can take steps to prevent them. It appears that people with allergies actually helps prevent allergens from mattresses blankets. According to G. Needham, scientifically proven to be a standard vacuum cleaner to clean the carpets at home, withdrawing a mattress surface tick population was also significantly reduced. In addition, dust mites, although heat lovers, tolerates heat, so if the mattress mantle of electric blankets and well heated, live mite mattress has a lot less. A similar effect can be expected when heated mattress and iron, especially with fogging function (rectifier efficiency in eliminating dust mites and their schooling presentation is demonstrated G. Needham's daughter).

If your mattress both sides are equally good sleep every few months, it will also get inverting with decent results. "Flip the mattress removes moisture area, so after a while all the mites probably will die," - said the scientist.

So the next time you feel lonely at night, remember that with you, just a few centimeters away, sleeping in hundreds of tiny octopus creatures. "Usually on a mattress as an ecosystem is not contemplated. But in reality it is, "- said Mr Needham.