Unbelievable: it is possible to buy an underwater residential house

Unbelievable: it is possible to buy an underwater residential house

Unbelievable: it is possible to buy an underwater residential house
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For thousands of years, many people around the world watched the dreamy depths of the sea, and wondering what kind of life could be at the bottom of the ocean. Today, this dream can come true - Company US.Submarine Structures presented the world's first underwater residence "H2omies.

It does not matter where - in the Baltic and the Caribbean at the bottom, at the selected accommodation will be built there, wherever you want to settle down. True, this exotic property will cost quite considerable - about 10 million. dollars (26 million. dollars).

Housing and the lake, and on the seabed

"H2omies" the house is usually 340 sq m in size. Company US. Submarine Structures can be set in the luxurious accommodations around the world: warm seas, islands, lagoons, lakes, fjords and mountains. Just choose the one you like the place and make sure that the new house will be built at a depth of 10-18 meters. Access to the house is also quite simple - water in the marina are connected to the retractable metal housing bore.

From this hole in the interior of the house can be encountering an elevator or stairs.

Various cables for water, sewage, communications and electricity are connected to the dock. But if you want even more distant location, it is also proposed a more sophisticated underwater housing version - standalone H2omies. The housing itself can generate electricity and clean water, so they tend to be located away from the coast, and you can reach it by boat or helicopter.

Inside - a luxurious interior

Underwater Housing is a two-storeys, connected by stairs or lift. In the upper floor there are two bedrooms, two bathrooms and an open lounge area. The lower floor has a master bedroom connected to the bathroom. It is also equipped with a modern kitchen with a wine cellar and a formal dining room.

Other rooms include a library, a bar, private employment
room and living room with wide-screen TV.

Also luxurious H2omies "installed a number of separate spaces where you can relax and watch the changing of the window images of underwater life. Layout of rooms and can offer a customer.

In addition to a variety of innovations in housing outside of a fish feeding system - just press the button, and the swarms of fish move closer to your home's windows. It is also built to house the underwater lights, which illuminate the seabed and in the evening will enjoy the breathtaking views.