Virtual reality. To which future prepares us the secret Startup from Florida (Video)

Virtual reality. To which future prepares us the secret Startup from Florida (Video)

Virtual reality. To which future prepares us the secret Startup from Florida (Video)

Magic Leap - strange company. It's called the inmost virtual (or combined in augmented) reality technology start-ups, because of it almost almost nobody knows nothing. Known of that, in spite of so far delivered your product in beta (and even fails terms), it invests most prominent technology investors - Google, Andreessen Horowitz, Kleiner Perkins and others. Florida based Magic Leap beginning of this year for funding immediately attracted $ 793.5 million, and the total number of the company has already invested $ 1.4 billion. One of the founders of Wired, a former executive editor of publications, and now - Chief Maverik, Kevin Kelly'is met with Magic Leap founder, trying to shed light on the secret of his creations.

How exactly it will look like, or product, gigantic Wired article, as in the past, have not been notified, but they give some understanding of what to expect. For example, the innermost VR-Startup prepares its own Microsoft Hollola, version, which, incidentally, will be different from its competitors, because the Magic Leap founder Rony Abovitz turned to other selected track. With work
with biotech experience (his first company designed robotic surgical operations), it is decided that the mixed reality (namely this term - a mixed reality - prefer to use the magic of the Leap) to use not only the wires and sensors, but also in human biology. Artificial Reality - symbiotic technology, in part machine, part of the body, because the reality "break the brain ten ways" and used not only sight, but other senses. The man with the VR-glasses or helmet must be able to turn to go unhindered in any direction and feel what they're doing.

In order to implement this idea, Abovitz your device resolved to your device not only freed from wires (tripping on the cord, the reality intruding into the virtual world and the illusion disappears), but also the vision to cheat correctly: if you see a flying whale 50 meters, your look and have it is directed to exactly 50 meters of the point, rather than a smartphone screen under your nose.

How exactly the Magic Leap is planning to do this remains a mystery, but judging by one of the company's patent, the product can create some sort of optical filaments projection simulating the access of light to the human eye and helps focus on close or distant objects. Kelly, band technology, a virtual image describes as "very realistic, much more accurate than other developers proposed. Video that demonstrates what the user will see, the Magic Leap uploaded to YouTube in conjunction with Article appearance.

It is worth mentioning that the Wired article is interesting not only a story about what does one of the most exciting virtual reality start-ups, however, and projections, which makes Kelly'is, a renowned journalist and several books on technology author. In his view, the virtual sphere is already quite real, to judge it seriously. In the field of 230 companies are working on a daily basis employing engineers and jointly they will change the world as we know it. Here are the main Kelly forecasts.

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A world without screens. One of the objectives Abovitzo Startup - completely get rid of the screens. A year later, the company is scheduled to work at computer monitors, and virtual screens, which augmented reality glasses can "hang" in any real world. It is worth to this objective in a broader perspective: this technology could potentially send oblivion all around us screens - computers, smart phones, TVs. Apple, Samsung and others time to worry - it's the purest revolutionary innovation, as in the textbook.

New online modes. Current Internet - Information Network. Millions of e-mails per second, 60 trillion websites 4 zettabyte of data and so on. Now, however, said 230 companies creates excitement and experience the Internet. Virtual reality passed people remember not what they saw and what happened to them. According to Wired, the experience - a new currency and a new platform, no more and no less. To visit active volcano on the edge of the march with the Iranian revolutionaries, change the rain on, to see how your own heart beating, and beat Omar - all this experience, and it will consist of the Internet of the future.

Virtual reality offers a new dimension to the film industry. According to director Peter Jackson, Magic Leap participating in the Consultative Council of mixed reality will not be a 3D movie extension or addition. "It is quite another - claims Jackson. - If you can create the illusion of specific objects anywhere in the surrounding area of the place, create new opportunities in the sphere of entertainment. " In addition, the director's opinion, the mixed reality will be viable for a purely virtual because it is stronger, "certainty" illusion. Prediction: "After 10 years of mixed reality technology, similar to that created the Magic Leap, will be used as often as smart phones, if not more."

It will be necessary to re-invent online games rules.
The researchers found that playing virtual reality emotional charge so intense that people need to rest for about an hour later. In addition, the virtual world will have to reduce the level of violence - the usual first-person shooter with the bloody murder and splashing too depressing.

Virtual reality will become a new social environment. It will be higher than the current social media, predicts Wired, because communication with other people in the impressions of reality is more prominent than any flights of birds or games - at least in share experiences journalist.

Virtual reality - the dream of human tracking. Everything you do, wearing the virtual reality helmet or goggles as standard tracked and recorded, because as far as possible the program will remember every aspect: how to behave, what to touch, where we go or fly, which at that time is mood - the better the other users to gain the experience . However, it is obvious that such an array of information about us, our behavior and interests seducing morsel goods manufacturers and service providers. So far, the virtual reality technology developers more interested in technology development and improvement, but the question about the data collected commercialization opportunities will arise inevitably - and quickly. (Ира Соломонова,