Why are most airplanes blue? Just do not think it's accident

Why are most airplanes blue? Just do not think it's accident

Why are most airplanes blue? Just do not think it's accident
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If you travel often, you've probably noticed that the majority of airline salons are dominated by blue hues. Yes, of course, there are different colors of seats, but they are usually blue. Blue-gray and carpet covers, screens, and often cover magazines and catalogs. Why? No, it's not a coincidence.

The colors around you make you more influential than you think. For example, did you know that the walls of your room have a direct influence on your mood? You might think that this is just a myth, but it is also confirmed by psychologists. And in fact, this is not so much a mystery, since people attribute one color to joy and fun from the earliest times, and the other to sadness.

So why is everything in blue salmon for many airplanes? It would be easy to see that this is just a coincidence, coincidence. However, it turns out that this is not the case. The blue color is soothing. She relaxes, dissipates fear and negative emotions. This is confirmed by Boeing - the company claims that blue is usually chosen because it helps to fight flight dread.

The sky is blue. Even if it completely covers the clouds, looking at the top will see some blue tint. It naturally soothes us. Dopamine secretes, heart rate slows down, normalizes blood pressure - we relax. Of course, those who are seriously afraid of flying are probably now surprised - regardless of the color of the seats, they are afraid of the same. However, if there are any opportunities, airlines need to use every possible trick to only calm down people. If Blue will have a positive effect on at least a few passengers, it is worthwhile choosing it (although it is clear that in cases of massive vomiting it can help a little).

Blue color is also increasingly used in schools, restaurants and offices. It helps people to deceive and does not cost anything - after all, any carpets should still be made. However, you probably noticed that not all airlines use blue hues - there are others. Not all company executives think that relaxation is what's needed on the airplane - the cheerful, warmer color raises the mood.

And what if the blue salon did not help - how else can you fight the flight of fear?

Talk about another topic. If you want to help a person get rid of flying fears, be sure to not be afraid to tell you about what a statistically safe way of traveling is aviation. Better talk about where you travel, work, dogs, basketball, and so on.

Convince yourself that you are not afraid. If you are afraid to fly, lie to yourself. This is a strange psychological trick. Even before the flight, start repeating yourself so you are eager to catch it. During the flight, repeat yourself that you are not afraid of anything, and control yourself - disregard turbulence, the image of the window or somewhere in the corner of the corner of fear.

Get ready The turbulence can not do anything for an airplane, the crash is very rare and there are plenty of airplanes in the air. Read the positive information about aviation before your trip. Make the most of your fears and read about it. There's nothing to fear, it's not rational, so it's easy to find information that will reject your fears.