Why month jar 'treatment' McDonalds hamburger looks as fresh? (Video)

Why month jar 'treatment' McDonalds hamburger looks as fresh? (Video)

Why month jar 'treatment' McDonalds hamburger looks as fresh? (Video)
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Circulated on the Internet a lot of videos that McDonald's hamburger after a lot of time after the acquisition of visually looks almost the same. Even a study carried out last week and the news website "BuzzFeed, which is posted on its website a video of the experiment with seven different burgers from fast food restaurants. Why do some burgers after this period, moldy, while others have remained largely healthy?

One month after the experiment, none of the hamburger rots - some of them were just a little more to cover the mold than others.

This is by no means the first attempt to illustrate the differences between fast food over time. Karen Hanrahan from McDonald's in 1996. bought a burger, which still carries his show and others, in order to discourage junk food. A lot of people did the same. However, numerous Youtube video so there is no specific explanation as to what is happening to them.

Blog Serious Eats, author and chef J.Kenjis López-Alt, and decided to conduct an experiment to solve this riddle. First of all, he raised five hypotheses, which, according to him, can lead to mold growth inhibition. This is a special preservative chips or meat bun, hamburger high salt concentration, low moisture content, the lack of fresh air in the place of production or burger is a burger is never injected mold spores.

Hamburger was probably produced where there was fresh air, mold spores probably were everywhere made hamburger, but until it was finally ready, it was destroyed. Thus, two hypotheses have been deleted.

Hamburger bun is not very different from that sold in stores, and the meat was said to be made of 100 percent. beef. There was thus no evidence that the rot would say special preservatives. However, the chef still came up to check hamburgers and compared with those produced in your kitchen.

It was produced by a combination of nine burgers, buns and mixing meat from McDonald's hamburger and use it in the kitchen. Some of the meat was salt cakes, while others were not full.

The chef used a different hamburger ingredients composition techniques and hands never touch him directly burgers, burgers and all were left in a room where the air.

However, after three weeks of rots than McDonald's or homemade hamburger meat cakes and homemade burger without salt completely different from those in which the salt was over. This meant that the salt can not be the result of factors affecting.

Thus, the most important event leading to the decay of the hamburger was the level of humidity. During the first week of the quarter burger lost weight. And without moisture mold can not grow. Since McDonald's uses thin meat cakes with a large surface, it dries quickly and can not rot. In all based on the principle of American dried beef. The plastic bag contained hamburger is completely covered with mold after a week.

Although it is difficult to exactly say why BuzzFeed videos on Burger King hamburger a month later was covered with mold, and McDonald's looked like it just came from the restaurant, the results may indicate that different restaurants use different hamburger derivatives or make certain ingredients, which promote moisture. example, different types of sauces or cheese.

In addition, you can not check all the burgers to buy jars were put on the expiration of such time period after the acquisition - one could be more dry prior to insertion into the jars.